Impressive Benefits of Drinking Coffee from Custom Travel Mugs

You’re an early bird. You wake up and dash out the door. Before going to work or school, you stop by your local coffee joint. You can’t start the day without a cup of coffee in hand. However, buying coffee every day doesn’t sit well with your wallet.

Should you cut back on coffee? No, as fellow coffee lovers ourselves, we would never advise that. Instead, make your own coffee at home. It takes a second. You don’t have to drink it in a hurry at home either. Instead, you can pour it into a travel mug.

You can buy personalized travel mugs for your coffee. We say “personalized” because we want you to make them your own. There’s something completely different about drinking coffee from a travel mug with your name on it. We love travel mugs for the following reasons:

1. Stainless Steel Mugs Are Durable

Should you go with a stainless steel travel mug or a plastic travel mug? Don’t go with the latter unless you want your money to go down the drain. Plastic travel mugs are a waste of money, as they won't survive your habit of drinking coffee several times each day.

Plastic mugs cost less but can break easily. However, stainless steel mugs are like Superman. They’ll become damaged if you purposefully damage them, and that’s their kryptonite. If you want to get your money’s worth, buy a stainless steel travel mug and expect to use it for several years.

While you’re at it, you might want to update your coffee mug collection at home. We know you have one, as all coffee fanatics are avid coffee mug collectors.

2. Sip Warm Coffee Even After an Hour

Are you one of those people who gets coffee to drink but forgets to drink it, only for it to get cold? First, you’re not alone. Second, plastic travel mugs are poor insulators. They can’t keep coffee warm.

Switch to custom travel mugs, as their stainless steel body with double-wall insulation and lid will keep your coffee warm for at least an hour. When you sip your coffee from the travel mug, you won't make that face you make when you taste cold coffee... stainless steel travels mug - 2; plastic travel mugs - 0.

3. Clean with Ease

Have you seen the inside of a plastic travel mug or ceramic coffee mug after a while? It looks like dirt has embedded itself into the plastic. No matter how hard you scrub, it’s just too stubborn to come off. Therefore, the only thing you can do is make peace with it.

With stainless steel travel mugs, cleaning will not be an issue. You can clean the stainless steel coffee mug easily. If you’re still leaning towards a plastic coffee mug, let us ask you this question: "Does your coffee or tea taste different?" If it does, plastic coffee mugs can do that after a while.

If you want a plastic coffee mug for the colors, we say that having the option to customize the mug is a far better option than just choosing a color, don’t you think? If it’s the color you want, buy color-changing mugs or glow-in-the-dark mugs.

4. Holds More Coffee

If you live by the saying, “Coffee and then the world,” drinking less coffee just won’t do. Custom travel mugs can hold 14 ounces of coffee whereas other ceramic coffee mugs can hold just 11 ounces. If you want to drink more coffee in the morning and then less coffee later in the day, you can drink your coffee in an 11-ounce custom photo mug.

5. User-friendly Design

Travel coffee mugs come with a variety of lids, but you want a lid that won’t cause a spill or burn your tongue as you take a sip. Choose a travel coffee mug with a lid featuring a slide opening and slanted surface for easy drinking.

Travel coffee mugs with a thumb rest and an easy-to-grip handle are a plus. Before we let you go, one last thing we would like to add is that your travel coffee should be dishwasher safe and shatter resistant and most importantly, it should come with a tapered base, so it can easily fit into standard cup holders in cars.

Can we count on you to upgrade your current coffee drinking methods? If you’re on board with us and ready to change the way you drink your coffee, do check out our custom travel mugs.

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