Tips to Personalize Your Home-Based Custom Photo Mug Business

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You’ve opened a small home-based custom photo mug business. You’ve set up a small corner in your home with a desk and computer. The corner is strictly your work area. However, it’s bland. Having a boring looking desk is not good for business.

You may be wondering, “Why are they telling me to make my desk more glam and attractive when I am working from home?” We’re telling you because your desk will become the center of your operation — the area where you’ll take pictures of mugs to upload to your social media platforms.

Even if you use another spot in the house to take pictures, it still needs to look like you run a custom photo mug business. Here are some ways you can decorate your desk:

1. Search for Inspiration

Who or what inspires you? If you don’t the answer to our question, that’s what the internet is for. You can explore Instagram and Pinterest for ideas. If you’ve created a home office in one of your spare rooms, you’ll have fun choosing paint colors, wallpaper, and other interior design elements that you can add to the room. The interior design elements you choose need to instantly tell another person that you run a custom coffee mug business.

2. Add Personal Touches

Your personal office doesn’t just need to communicate the type of business it is through interior design elements. It also needs to reflect your personality. You need to make it your own by adding personalized custom coffee cups because it only makes sense, right?

You can put pictures of your family on them or messages or anything that speaks to you. You can even use mugs as a pencil holder. You can decorate the walls with posters and add framed photo prints. What about custom coasters to go with the coffee mug? Hey, you can even sell them as one.

3. Pint the Wall a Bright Color

Since you’re already adding posters, you might as well paint the wall a bright color. You can choose a funky wall color or, better yet, choose the color theme of your logo. Oh, you should also add your logo to the posters you hang as well.

Ensure your logo takes up a large enough space on the poster, so when you take pictures of your coffee mugs, you can use the poster in the background. When you take pictures of your coffee mugs, your logo will appear in the picture. This means your current and future customers will be repeatedly exposed to it.

How will this help? If they see someone drinking coffee from one of your personalized photo mugs with your logo visible, your mug business’s name will come instantly into their mind. Now, that’s a smart decorating move!

4. Stay Organized

When you’re running a home-based business, the line between personal and workspace gets blurred. You start to pile up things here and there just as you usually do while forgetting that this is now your workspace, not personal space. It’ll be difficult for you to find things in the mess anyway, which is why we mentioned using mugs as pencil holders previously.

Other things you can do to stay organized include buying a desk with drawers and buying files and folders to sort out all the paperwork. Have a calendar up on the wall to remind you of things you to do need to do that day. It’s a good idea to keep a few journals with you for taking notes as well.

5. Rearrange Your Desk

If you can, you need to arrange the furniture in your room so that your desk faces the room instead of the wall. If you’re not too keen on this rearrangement, you don’t have to do it. If you want to rearrange your desk facing the door, but you can’t, you can position the desk against a window.

This will allow a lot of natural light to stream in and make the room feel less congested. Your place will look more open than before. Again, it’s entirely up to you how you want to arrange your room because regardless of what the interior designers say, your comfort comes first.

We offer a dropship mugs service for anyone opening a coffee mug business. If you’re searching for good quality, personalized, ceramic coffee mugs, get in touch with us. Look through our product catalog to learn about the various products we offer. 

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