What Products to Include in Your Promotional Basket for Your Personalized Mugs Business?

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You want to promote your personalized mugs business to the entire country because you’re ready to expand your operations. But while you get orders from other states, you don’t receive as many as you would like. That’s because you’re competing with several online businesses that sell custom coffee mugs.

Instead of targeting people with just promotional ads and sponsored ads on social media platforms, there has to be another way for you to get the word out about your coffee mugs business. And there is another way you can dominate other markets.

Have you ever thought about creating promotional gift baskets for influencers? Influencers can promote your brand to their target audience if you send them a gift basket containing all the cool personalized products you sell.

You can also hold contests and attend tradeshows to promote your personalized photo mugs business. We’re going to tell you of a few products that we think will make great additions to your promotional gift basket.

1. Personalized Mugs

No coffee mug business has ever sent a gift basket to an influencer without including their main product. Here is where we want you to do a little research about the influencer you have chosen to receive your promotional basket. Since you sell custom products, it only makes sense to customize not just the mugs but every other product we list here.

You can take a few of the influencer’s best moments along with their catchphrase and put them on the mug and the other personalized products. Look through their Instagram to collect pictures depending on how many custom products you intend to put in there and then watch a few of their videos to see what their most commonly spoken catchphrase is.

Combine the pictures with the catchphrase to place on the personalized mug. If you want, you can add heat-changing mugs and glow-in-the-dark mugs.

2. Custom Coasters

If you’re throwing in a custom photo mug, you might as well throw your custom coasters into the mix. When you’re personalizing the coaster and coffee mug on behalf of the influencer, go with a theme because both things are meant to be used together.

It’ll help sell your coasters, as people may be more likely to buy a coffee mug and a coaster to go along with it. Now, that’s what you call killing two birds with one stone. This is a smart marketing strategy to sell your coasters, as hardly anyone thinks about buying a coffee mug and a coaster, but you’ll be making them think for sure.

3. Custom Travel Mugs

Are you targeting an influencer who blogs about their travels or everyday life and has many followers? If you want to promote your travel mugs, add them to the promotional gift basket. When the influencer is on-the-go, they’ll have your travel mug in hand.

They can tell their audience about the convenience of drinking from a travel mug, especially yours. They can highlight the quality, durability, personalization, and affordability of the travel mug. You can give them some main pointers they can highlight in the video they make for their followers.

4. Custom Journals

If you sell personalized journals, add them to the gift basket. You never know who out there loves to collect journals and is on the lookout to find their next one. There’s a chance if they come across the video or picture of the influencer they follow, holding your journal, they just might be persuaded to buy one from you. 

They may click on the link the influencer has added under their post to check out your journals. You can customize the journals with different themes or give them the option to personalize the journals themselves. Since several people will be going to your page to see your products, it’s important to have an updated album, so they know you’re active.

5. Custom Shot Glasses

If you want to target adults specifically, you can add personalized shot glasses to the promotional gift basket. Perhaps, adults are the segment of the market that you need to attract.

We recommend making a gift basket for more than one influencer and adding the products based on your budget. If you can afford to make two gift baskets and add all the products, go ahead. If you only want to promote your bestsellers, only add those.

We can help you make your business a success by supplying you with premium quality products to sell to your audience.

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