Do you offer Drop Shipping?

Absolutely, it's our specialty!  Drop shipping is the ability for you to create and market your own items, while letting us do most of the leg work.  You send us your designs so we can manufacture your products -- and then ship them on demand directly to your customers.  This saves you time and money because you don't have to keep any inventory, go to the post office, or pay for any shipping supplies. Of course, we can ship your items directly to you if you prefer -- just CONTACT US to discuss your specific needs.

Do prices include shipping?

Whenever a company includes shipping in the base cost of an item you are still paying for it.  The cost is just hidden from you.  Sure we could include the cost of shipping but that wouldn't be fair to you.  For example, if you order one mug the shipping cost may be $5.00. That $5.00 would be included into the price of the mug.  But if you order 36 mugs you shouldn't have to pay $5.00 x 36 ($180) when the actual cost of shipping might be $30.

CustomHappy charges you what it costs us to ship your packages.   We have negotiated excellent shipping rates with our vendors and we pass that along to you.

How come you don't charge a setup fee or have a minimum order like other sites?

At CustomHappy, we know that having HAPPY customers means giving them the most flexibility throughout the design, order, and fulfillment process.  We never charge a setup fee when working with your design!  We also have no minimum order requirements, but we DO offer discounted pricing when you order multiple like items!

Do your coffee mugs come in any other colors and/or sizes?

We are HAPPY to be able to say that we now offer our coffee mugs in three "sparkly" color variations:  gold, silver, and pink!  These require a different printing process and are not quite as dishwasher safe as our black or white mugs.   Please CONTACT US to discuss your specific needs.

I'm looking for other unique gifts not offered on your site.  Are there other products you are able to personalize?

If you are looking for something other than what you see here on CustomHappy.com™, please CONTACT US!  Our state-of-the-art equipment is capable of personalizing many other kinds of products (cell phone cases and covers, awards and plaques, lunch boxes, onesies, and much more...) so as we continue to slowly expand our main product offerings to keep up with the demands of our business, we would be more than HAPPY to work with you on a custom order!   Just because an item isn't listed on our website doesn't mean we can't produce it.

Can you give me a discount if I order in bulk!

For sure!  We love doing large orders -- and nothing makes us HAPPIER than passing the savings on to our customers!  Just CONTACT US and let us know what you need!

How do I pay for my purchase?

You can pay using all the normal methods from credit cards to PayPal.  If you intend to become a regular customer with bulk orders we can discuss setting up an account.

How do I send you the graphics for my design?

Please send all designs directly to customhappystore(at)gmail.com so we can get them processed right away.