ALERT! Updated Checkout!

As of 6/1/23: The new Shopify update limits the allowed number of stored addresses. This has caused an issue with checkout and we are currently working with Shopify toward a resolution.

We have four valid workaround options:

1-Checkout as a guest.

2-Set up a new CH account with a new email address and remove saved addresses as you place orders to stay below the 5 maximum limit.

3-Remove / delete the addresses manually from your existing CH account.

4-Prior to placing a new order, set up a default shipping address for the new order. Be sure to check the box under the address making it the default. This will auto populate the address into the new order. After setting up the default address and checking the set as default box, select the item you wish to purchase and proceed as usual with the order. The ship to address (now the default), will be on the checkout page. Pay for the order as usual.

All of these options are working for our other customers as this is affecting everyone and we hope for a resolution soon. 

We appreciate your understanding as we work through the challenges with all of our customers.


We produce CUSTOM products for all size business owners, from solopreneurs to corporations.
Mugs, shotglasses, pillowcases, steins, travel mugs... let us create them with your custom image.
Whether you want one or two mugs, or a thousand, we give every job the attention to detail it deserves.

Our Customers

A CustomHappy Customer usually operates a small business interested in offering additional products to their customers.   Maybe you already sell T-Shirts and would like to offer dye sublimated products.  Perhaps you are a Web Entrepeneur looking to add customized products to your website.   You could be new to the business or an old-timer.   We work with many types of businesses and would love to work with YOU!

How Can We Help You?

CustomHappy can help you in several ways if you are in the custom printing industry.

1) We are a complete fulfillment center for custom products. If you wish to add custom products to your website, resell mugs of your own design, or just outsource specific jobs to us, we can produce your products, pack, label, and ship them. We even pass along our discounted shipping rates so shipping can be an additional profit center for your company.

2) We can help you grow your business, adding additional products to your offerings. We can ship bulk mugs to your store, or even FBA orders to Amazon on your behalf.

3) If you make your own mugs/shotglasses/travel mugs we can supply you with blanks at VERY competitive pricing.

4) As the fulfillment center for a national website we have the experience to consult with your business and support your online sales.

Take a video tour!

Here's some of our team hard at work making high-quality products.