About Us

CustomHappy™ was created to help customers from around the world set their imaginations free -- by showcasing the most unique products and offering the ability to quickly and easily personalize those products to create CUSTOM gifts that are sure to make HAPPY recipients out of your friends, co-workers, and family!

Family is a big deal at CustomHappy™...because most of our co-workers ARE family!  It all began less than a year ago, on our sister Jackie's dining room table after she began to make a few dozen sales of personalized coffee mugs on Etsy.  One evening as she was catching up with her sister Rachel on the phone over a glass of wine, she mentioned her early success on Etsy and dreamed out loud about how nice it would be to be able to quit her job someday.  That evening, they decided to work together.  Rachel would bring her history as an entreprenuer and successful internet marketer to the new business, helping to purchase some equipment and increase sales...while Jackie would continue production and fulfillment.

In less than a month, business was picking up quickly -- they had expanded beyond Etsy to include Amazon and Shopify, and were now also selling custom coffee mugs for other sellers.  Jackie still wants to quit her job to focus on CustomHappy, but Rachel -- thinking about her adorable baby [niece/nephew] (Jackie's [daughter/son]) -- advises instead that they hire their brother, Jonny, full-time first instead.  Knowing that the dining room table wasn't going to cut it for much longer, they decided to rent a small warehouse.  A few weeks later, Jackie received a phone call as she was on her way to pick up the keys to their new work space:  she was being laid off from her job!

December 25th is just around the corner, and things turn CRAZY as orders pour in from around the world.  They hire some part-time "elves"...and with still two weeks to go before Christmas, they're filling an entire mail truck every day with new orders!  By December 20th, the post office started sending U-Hauls to pick up orders at the CustomHappy™ warehouse, since they would no longer fit in the white USPS trucks!  

By the first of the year, hundreds of customers had contacted Rachel, Jackie, and Jonny to let them know how HAPPY they were with their CustomHappy™ purchases.  They expanded their staff again to include more than ten employees -- not including their mom (an accountant) who was now handling all of the financials.  With the expansion in staff came an expansion in their product line -- they would now offer dozens more options for unique, personalized gifts including pillow cases, stickers, posters, shot glasses, and more -- in addition to their signature coffee mugs.

You can see from some of these pictures that our warehouse is getting pretty full once again, so we will continue to expand in 2016 as we more than double our warehouse space to keep up with the incredible demand we've seen from all 50 states and from several countries around the globe!  Jonny is now a full partner in CustomHappy™...Jackie has realized her dream of working in the business full-time...and Rachel continues to be more involved than ever!  Life is very busy here, but very fun -- we love what we do, and are so glad to be able to spread a little HAPPINESS in this world by helping you create the Internet's most unique gifts.  Set your imagination free with CustomHappy.com™!