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Sharon Zajackowski

Sharon is our CEO and she loves spending time with her family, traveling, and reading.


Short version:

CustomHappy™ was created to help businesses from around the world set their imaginations free.  We showcase the most unique products and offer you the ability to customize them with your own design.  Plus we can dropship them to you or your customers within 48 hours.

Most of the team in August 2017

Longer version:

One of the team members at CustomHappy™, Calista Curran, was asked by her college professor to write about a topic that she could "write a whole mouthful about". She chose to write about us. 

Here's her fantastic essay: 

On a crisp Saturday morning in October, I entered through the same steel door with the letters 102A written in red on the bricks above it. The usual smell of cardboard and dust fill my nose as I walk upon the rainy day grey cement floor. The usual sounds of a “thank you” from the fingerprint scanner to clock in, beeps from mug presses being flicked on, and the oven rumbling to life dance throughout the air. A squeak from the heavy door leading to the office, and I am surrounded by voices. The famous Bradley Cooper mug still has not been found, and a fellow co-worker is in the process of preparing a new fort.

A smile I have shared many times in this office before awakens across my face as I remember, this is my job and I am one of the very few in this world who loves every bit and piece of my workplace.

CustomHappy is not just a production warehouse; it is a second family with ever opening arms to its employees.

CustomHappy, also commonly known as CHappy, began with the welcoming atmosphere it offers today. In 2015, the current owner Rachel decided to financially help her sister, Jacquelyn, increase her current Etsy store by selling mugs. On Halloween of 2015, the sisters chose the name for the company, and in 2016 CHappy was officially born in the business world.

Rachel's boyfriend Don had his own business which already had a current custom mug provider. Due to his provider’s high rate of errors on the production floor, Rachel decided to push CHappy a new step forward, and take on a new batch of customers.

Rachel and Jacquelyn worked on their kitchen table with no instructions other than common sense and some internet to aid them in creating their products. Soon realizing they required more helping hands and a great deal of space, the sisters invited their brother along to help with finding a new place.

An old pool supplies store in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, caught their eye, and once fully settled in December of 2015, CHappy began hiring helping hands outside of family for the first time. Ian Steele, CHappy’s current Production Manager, was hired and invited his best friend Gabriel Torres, our current Director of Operations with him. The two were instantly fascinated with the entire process of sublimating (transferring images from paper to product) on mugs. They even spent nights awake together until they perfected the perfect black mug to have an advantage over other companies.

Though this group was growing at a fast pace, it never felt as though everyone was there just for a paycheck. A small new family was being molded before their eyes.

The team in March 2016

With the company growing and space becoming smaller, they moved again in May 2016 to a new but old building in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Another hiring spree began, reeling in the current CustomHappy family to life.

Mailmen and other vendors have strolled through that very same steel door under 102A to find themselves surrounded by music of all genres on the other side. Laughter bounces off the cement walls along with the echoing sounds of voices yelling.

Employees are never angry with each other, but scream just for the absolute pleasure of hearing our own voices travel from one end of the floor to the next. Torres is often the loudest of us all, even creating what is referred to only as “Gabe language.”

By my second week working with this company, one rule shown above all; keep an eye in the sky for foam pucks that may be soaring in your direction from a fellow co-worker.

Though this new building has created many laughs, it has also created a new line of products including travel mugs, shot glasses, pillowcases, water bottles (a new model is in the working!), beer steins, and coasters (our newest product!).

Once producing 1,000 mugs a week with an error rate of 30-40%, CHappy now spits out 1,000+ mugs per day with an average 3% error rate. We started at the kitchen table of opportunity; now we are in a 12,000sq ft building of success.

The team in October 2016

 Though we have inhabited this new environment, it feels as though we all have known each other for years. My first day I entered a warehouse with a very small Bluetooth radio and CHappy’s newest Team Lead, Brianna Cimino sitting at a desk with Naeem Talor. After standing there awkwardly for five minutes, Cimino greeted me with a bubbly hello and Talor pointed me into the right direction for my interview.

Meet the team starting with Cimino, who may be small, but she truly works as if she is twenty people built into one. She soon brought along her boyfriend Zachary Hamsley. Honestly, without Hamsley, Daniel Valeri (our newest Product Manager!) would have not a single soul to truly sing a High School Musical duet with. Valeri has also proven that CHappy truly does view its employees’ skills and rewards them through promotions that best suit their work ethic (he has been promoted twice in a year!).

Many of the newest products would not have been produced very far without our beautiful Product Specialist, Jessa Eiser. Also earning the title “Mom,” Miss Eiser is truly an extraordinary person with her own ray of sunshine.

Michael Burke is the master of the oven, but do not stare too closely into his eyes or one will instantly fall in love with each shade of blue.

Anthony Depietro is Burke’s right hand and even takes full control over the oven, himself. Catch him skateboarding down the production floor to grab more job images or adding more art to the oven’s wall gallery.

A puck’s throw away, Andrea Guzman is the master of her press station. A good morning is not started for me without yelling Andrea’s name super loud and getting my name yelled back once she walks in.

Sharon Zajackowski is not only Jacquelyn and Rachel's mother, but also CHappy’s CFO; if the warehouse ever needs anything, Sharon is on it and we truly could not be prepared for the Christmas massacre without her.

Alex Alicea tapes mugs up for Andrea faster than a press can even create a mug! Torres’ gorgeous fiancée Lauren O’Brien is the pillowcase queen. She creates, labels, and packs them all day in and day out without ever slowing down, making a total mess, or even errors.

Naeem Toler and Charles Wright drive into work together and work amazingly at our black mug station. Packers Ronald and Albert Lamplugh clear out the warehouse of all ready to-go-mugs, and can unload an entire trailer of mugs like supermen. Labeler Danielle may look like the human embodiment of Monday, but she is hilarious and works as if it’s a Friday. Last but never least, Adrian Ellerbe Jr. keeps the warehouse absolutely spotless and works as if he is a robot only programmed to package mugs.

With all of us together, a mug family is made along with some of the greatest people I have ever had the blessing of meeting.

CustomHappy is not the average warehouse, putting its employees first in mind.

Blossoming fully in 2016, and still growing so unexpectedly to this day, CHappy is now like a second family to its employees. Mugs are made where friendships parade, and the entire team is there to support the company.

Through moving and learning with every step, CHappy has moved from a small online store just for fun, to a true building of success.

Gabe and Sean


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