How Custom Coffee Mugs Increase the Effectiveness of Promotional Marketing at Events?

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Your business can use more exposure, so you signed yourself up for an event. Several businesses from around the state will be attending— all with one goal. Like you, they, too, want to increase their visibility. You can expect them to come equipped with promotional materials to pass out to the crowd in attendance. However, not every business will leave satisfied with their promotional activities.

There will be some businesses that managed to stand apart with their promotional materials, and then, there will be those who didn’t, as their promotional materials met the trashcan. Keeping this stark reality in mind, you want your business’s sales to soar after the event, not blend into the crowd as just another business trying to make a name for itself.

No, you need to use promotional materials that people with be less likely to throw away. You don’t want to give away useless things such as brochures or a business card, as hardly anyone holds onto them. The last thing we want is to waste your money making items that are meant for the trash.

What do we suggest?

Personalized Mugs!

And we’ve got our reasons for asking you to give them away to people at the event. Let us tell you what they are and then from there, you can decide what you want to do.

If They Can Use It, They’ll Keep It

Can you use a brochure or business card? No, you can’t. It won’t go up on their fridge. The brochure will likely get crumpled up and thrown in the trash. As for the business card, it may end up in their wallet, but let us ask you this. How many business cards do you have in your wallet?

If you say several, don’t think passing out business cards is a good strategy just yet. Let us ask you another question. How many times have you just casually put one in there and taken it out? Hardly ever, right? Your business card will get lost among them all. Never to be seen or heard from again.

Most people just have the habit of collecting them with no plans to use them. Plus, it’s more polite to put them in the wallet than to throw them away in front of the person. Come to think of it; it’s our politeness that leads us to hoard business cards.

Do you know what they can use and are less likely to get rid of?

Custom coffee mugs.

You can use coffee mugs for drinking coffee, tea, and almost any beverage. Why would you throw away a perfectly good custom photo mug anyway? People at the event will feel the same way. They’ll keep the coffee mug because they can use it.

On a custom coffee mug, you can put your brand’s name and other details such as your phone number, store address, social media handles, and website. Since your coffee mug will be in use, your business’s name will become etched into people's minds.

They’ll remember you. When they need your service, your name will immediately come to mind, and they won’t even need to look at the coffee mug to remember it.

Wherever They Go, the Mug Will Follow

Custom coffee cups are portable. You can take it everywhere you go. You can pack them in a suitcase or take them to work. If you want people to use the coffee mug while they’re out and about, we recommend giving out custom travel mugs. Here’s a better idea.

Why not keep both at the stall and let people choose which one they want?

Giving them options will increase the probability of them recalling the name of your business. They’ll always remember you as the brand that gave them an option. Plus, this is a great chance to make small talk with them.

Keep a Mug for Yourself Aside Because None Will Be Left at the End of the Day

You know what people love more than a freebie is telling others about it. If they’ve come to the event in a group, they’ll tell the others about your stall. Most people won't think twice about getting a free coffee mug. You can use them to get people to come to your stall and then get their contact details.

Do you know where you can get personalized mugs from?

Us! Contact us to learn about our dropship mugs service. We sell quality mugs in bulk to businesses.

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