Fascinating Facts about Personalized Ceramic Coffee Mugs

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We thought we'd share with you some fascinating and unknown facts about personalized ceramic coffee mugs that’ll blow your mind away. If drinking coffee from your coffee mug is one of the things you look forward to doing each day, you’ll find these facts interesting for sure.

You can share the facts you find the most interesting with other coffee lovers or you can share them with others for the sheer amusement of watching their awestruck reaction. Let’s get into it because there are a lot of facts waiting to surprise you.

1. Bone Mug

We didn’t even know this one! Now that we do, it kind of gives us the creeps in an eerie way. Can you imagine drinking from personalized mugs made from bones? Even though this is strange for you to imagine, drinking from a bone mug was the norm for people during the Neolithic Stone Age. Back then, they had limited options in terms of materials, so they went with the next best thing, bones!

2. Double the Tea

If you butt heads with coffee lovers because tea outranks coffee in your opinion, you can find some common ground with them by drinking your tea in custom coffee cups. You’ll be drinking twice the tea though in a coffee mug, as they can hold 11 to 12 fluid ounces of liquid with some even going up to 15 ounces. If you need double the caffeine boost and tea is your choice of morning drink, a coffee mug awaits to be filled.

3. Origin of Coffee Mugs

We’re going to assume that you know what mugshots are, and if you don’t, you don’t have to look further than the pictures of disheveled celebrities caught breaking the law. However, that’s not the origin of coffee mugs, but it's leading there.

The word “mug” means face, but before that, it meant a small picture of a person’s head. Strangely, the inspiration behind the shape of the mug is our head. Look in the mirror and you’ll see that the shape of your head resembles vessels. We know you’ll never be able to look at a coffee mug the same ever again.

4. Ancient Metal Mugs

Can you imagine drinking hot coffee from a metal coffee mug? You can’t, but people living around 2,000 BCE definitely could, given none of them are here today to tell us how many times they accidentally burned their hands while drinking from them.

Thank goodness metal mugs aren’t around anymore. A little backstory on metal mugs is still warranted, as they require a nice eulogy before we write them off completely. Metal mugs were made from gold, lead, bronze, and silver. When personalized ceramic coffee mugs came to be, metal mugs became non-existent.

5. Travel Mugs Made Coffee On-The-Go Possible

Can you imagine having to drink your coffee at home before heading to work? In the age of custom travel mugs, we know you can’t. People who lived before the 1980s can definitely imagine it. Back then, they had two choices, which was either to drink hot coffee in a hurry and risk burning their tongue or wait until they get to work to drink it.

It made multitasking impossible, as you need coffee to operate at your maximum level in the morning. When travel mugs entered the coffee scene in the 1980s, life changed for the better for us coffee lovers. We could take our coffee in the car and by the time we arrived to work, we would already be in a good mood.

6. Custom Coffee Mugs Have Always Been a Crowd Favorite

Custom and monogram coffee mugs have always found a place in people’s homes. You can customize them with messages and pictures. You can gift them to your loved ones. You can use them to promote your brand and products. You can open up your own coffee mug business to sell them.

Nowadays, you have more than personalized coffee and travel mugs. You can even get heat-changing mugs or glow-in-the-dark mugs. No one will ever refuse a coffee mug, as they can use it to drink coffee and other beverages. There are just so many ways you can use a custom coffee mug. They’re no longer just for drinking coffee but have become an effective marketing technique and a business opportunity for others.

You can get your very own personalized ceramic coffee mugs from us. Browse through our collection to see all the great personalized mugs we have in store for you.

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