Coffee-tastic Stats for Custom Photo Mug Businesses

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Custom photo mug businesses need to learn the facts surrounding coffee. They can use the facts we reveal to their advantage. They can use the coffee-tastic stats to promote and grow their small coffee shop.

You can create signboards with these facts and hang them all around your coffee shop. This way, your customers will learn something and you’ll have some unique decor to use to decorate your coffee shop. Here’s a list of fantastic personalized ceramic coffee mugs:

1. Less than 10% People Order Their Coffee Using an App

Several major coffee chains have a mobile app, so why shouldn’t you, right? Even though several popular coffee shops have a mobile app, only a few users use it to order coffee. As for major coffee stores having an app, they’re just jumping on the bandwagon.

Creating an app helps them increase customer loyalty and flourish their brand. However, not a lot of users jump on an app to order coffee, as they prefer drinking coffee from a custom photo mug in a coffee shop.

Instead of investing in an app, you can invest in buying custom coffee mugs for your business. We suggest coming up with an in-store customer loyalty program. Put your own spin on the program to differentiate it from other customer loyalty programs.

2. Young People Have Increased the Popularity of Cold-Brew

Cold-brew has become the go-to coffee for young people, but it has yet to gain a place among older generations. With 80% of people in the United States already fans of cold-brew, you need to sell it in your coffee shop.

If you have never had a cold-brew, know that it tastes smoother and less bitter than your usual coffee. You can serve cold-brew in monogram coffee mugs at your coffee shop. You can introduce this type of coffee to your customers by promoting it in mugs specially designed for serving it.

3. Drink Fewer than Six Cups of Coffee a Day

How is this statistic good for business? It's good for business because that’s still a lot of coffee that a person can drink each day. Drinking coffee is not bad for your health if you stick to drinking fewer than six cups of coffee each day.

When your customers see this statistic hanging on the wall, they’ll give out a sigh of relief because they’re probably already on the fourth cup and want to drink their fifth cup later. Give your customers good news by telling them that they can drink six cups of coffee without it negatively affecting their health.

4. Serve More than 100 Types of Coffee

What type of coffee should you add to the menu next? You can choose from more than 100 types of coffee. You can invest in several custom white mugs, personalizing them with the name of the coffee.

It’s impossible to serve every type of coffee, as fungal pathogens and deforestation have earned 60% of wild coffee species an extinction status. Researchers are working with conservation specialists to protect these species, so they can preserve biodiversity while working towards preserving commercially grown species.

5. Many People in the United States Drink Coffee Each Day

In the United States, 64% of people drink coffee at least one time each day. If you have a coffee shop, this is great news for you. If you plan to open a coffee shop and needed a push to turn your idea into a reality, now you have it. If there are a few local coffee shops in your area, open one, and make it better. Serve coffee in a custom photo mug.

You can even sell personalized ceramic coffee mugs to your patrons. Whenever they drink coffee at home, they’ll drink it in your coffee mug and instantly be reminded of what a wonderful experience they had at your coffee shop.

Where can you find the perfect custom coffee mugs to serve customers your coffee?

You can find them here. Don't serve your customers coffee in paper cups or mugs with zero appeal' you’ll do no favors in increasing people’s ability to recall the name of your coffee shop.

If you serve your coffee in one of our custom coffee mugs, you can design it by choosing a pattern of your choice and add your logo along with the name of your coffee shop. Select the coffee mug, the color, and design you want for your coffee business right away!

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