Branding Right— Tips for Using Logos on Custom Coffee Mugs

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You can promote your business using custom coffee mugs. However, like most folks, you may be prone to making mistakes that drag them down.  You promote your brand using a logo. If you want to place that logo on a custom photo mug, here’s where mistakes can happen. The coffee mug provides you with a limited amount of space, and you need to use that space to your advantage.

Before you can put your logo on personalized mugs, you need to come up with a well-designed logo. Your logo will help you create a good, lasting first impression and the basis of your brand’s identity. It will also help you increase brand awareness and attract the attention of your target audience.

Once you have a logo in mind, here’s how to include your logo on custom travel mugs, coffee mugs, journals, and other promotional materials:

1. Use the Same Logo on Every Promotional Product

Most often, businesses use more than one promotional product to advertise their brand. Apart from using monogram coffee mugs, you can also use personalized travel mugs, journals, coasters, color-changing mugs, and more.

You won’t have a different logo on each promotional item, as your goal is to increase familiarity with your brand, not create confusion. In terms of style, design, and color, you need to ensure your logo doesn’t change from promotional product to product but rather remains the same on all of them.

2. Order High-Quality Promotional Products

Promote your brand using high-quality promotional products. These days, customers are smart. They can easily tell if a promotional product is a high or low-quality one. For this reason, you must always prioritize quality over price.

If you plan to promote your brand using custom coffee mugs, most likely, you’ll be able to secure a discount for buying in bulk. You don’t want to create a bad impression among your target audience by investing in a low-quality custom photo mug.

A low-quality mug will feature a low-quality logo and design. It’ll look grainy, fuzzy, and faded. If you give your customers premium quality promotional products, they’ll know quality matters to you and it'll give them an idea of the type of quality they can expect from you.

3. Use a Big Logo to Get Their Attention

A small logo on a custom photo mug will not catch the attention of your target audience or even onlookers. You need to place a big logo on all your promotional products. Remember, if it’s not seen, it’s not there.

This way, people won't have to strain their eyes to see your logo, thus giving your brand increased exposure. If you plan to sell custom coffee mugs, others may like the design of the mug, note down your logo, and then visit your store to get one for themselves.

Keep these tips in your mind when adding a logo on your promotional products, but don’t stop reading just yet! We want to stop you from making common mistakes businesses make when using promotional products.

Never Make These Mistakes When You Use Promotional Products

Avoid making the following mistakes when you use a promotional product:

You Lack Purpose

What’s the purpose of your marketing and advertising campaign? If you can’t answer this question, it means you need to work on finding a purpose. Some examples of your purpose include attracting potential customers, increasing traffic on your website, and increasing foot traffic in your store.

You need to find a purpose before you invest in any promotional product to give to your target audience. Once you know your purpose, the design of the product will become clear to you as well.

You Chose the Wrong Promotional Product

If you sell shoes, it doesn’t make sense to sell custom coffee mugs. If you sell drinks or accessories, you can sell coffee mugs. Selling the wrong promotional product will confuse your customers about the type of business you operate and the type of products you sell.

We suggest you research the wide range of promotional products that you can either sell or give out for free to your target audience to promote your business. If your search reveals personalized ceramic coffee mugs, you have come to the right place to get them.

We sell custom coffee mugs and other products that you can use to promote your business to your potential customers. Contact us today if you want to order in bulk.

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