6 Reasons Why Coffee is Life — Mulling of a Personalized Mugs Owner

I still fondly remember the first time coffee graced my taste buds. I was 16 years old. My mom had prepared a fresh batch of coffee and poured it in her coffee mug. It was one of those customized coffee mugs with a cute quote. We had gotten it for Mother’s Day because where there was mom, there was coffee.

I wanted to know why she loved coffee so much, and that day, I found out when she gave me a sip of her coffee. It was warm, bitter, and sweet. Let’s just say I became a fan instantly. As I got older, I, too, developed a love for coffee. In my case, the phrase, “like mother, like daughter” rings very true.

Over the years, I realized why coffee is life. I can’t imagine starting my day without it. I want to share my love for drinking coffee in my own personalized ceramic coffee mugs. So, here I go!

1. The Aroma Pulls Me in Every Time

Even if you aren’t a fan of drinking coffee, you have to at least admit that there’s something about the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning that appeals to one of the most important senses, your smell. I love raising my coffee mug to my nose and taking a long whiff before I take my first sip. I love the aroma that coffee emits so much that I have coffee-scented candles at home.

2. The Taste Makes My Taste Buds Dance

Coffee tastes like heaven. It makes my taste buds do La Cucaracha. Since my taste buds and I agree that coffee is life, we always make it a point to try various types of roasts and brands. When I go to a coffee shop, I always try their newest offerings.

Sometimes it’s a hit and other times, a flop. Is it worth it? It definitely is! I also never go anywhere without my custom travel mugs. I pour the coffee I get from the coffee shop in my travel mug if I have to be on the road, and if not, I sit at a table with a pastry, enjoying my coffee as I look out the window, scanning the crowd.

3. The Instant Caffeine Boost Turns Me into the Energizer Bunny

Although I drink coffee because it’s my first love, I wouldn’t take it for granted and say I don’t appreciate it for the caffeine boost it brings. For me, it’s an added bonus. Coffee makes me productive, and there are days where I actually drink it in the middle of the day when I feel low on energy and need a quick recharge. At times, coffee is the only thing that keeps me going until I reach home and throw myself on the bed, dreaming about having my daily cup of coffee the next morning.

4. The Conversation Starter

I can tell you a few times that coffee has helped me get out of a sticky situation. It’s an ice breaker. Sipping it helps you gather your thoughts instead of staring at the other person awkwardly, thinking about what to say next. Coffee is more than for breaking the ice.

It’s the beverage of choice for meetings and coffee dates. You can even run into a stranger and strike up a conversation over coffee. When someone comes over to your house in the morning, the first thing you ask is if they would like a cup of coffee.

5. The Relaxer

Doesn’t coffee help you relax? Drinking coffee from one of my many custom coffee cups helps me relax. It’s like an internal massage. Coffee warms up your insides, making you feel all cozy. Coffee is your source of warmth on a cold day; it sends its warmth throughout your body to help you relax and feel at ease, especially after a long, hard-working day.

6. The Different Brewing Methods

Pulling me into the world of coffee is a variety of brewing methods. I love learning about the different ones I can use to make my coffee. I started out with a drip coffee maker when I first started to drink coffee and then upgraded to the French press. Sometimes, I use the pour method as well. I enjoy collecting various tools to make coffee. In my kitchen, you’ll find several custom coffee mugs, including personalized photo mugs.

If you love coffee as much as me, you need to show your love for coffee by drinking it a personalized mug. You can’t call yourself a true lover of coffee if you’re still drinking coffee from a conventional, everyday mug.

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