Grand Opening Ideas for Your Custom Coffee Mugs Business

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Your dream of opening your own custom coffee cups business has finally come true. Your store sells a variety of coffee mugs, from personalized mugs to heat-changing mugs. You also sell custom journals, coasters, pillows, and so much more. You also sell coffee in your shop and have dreams of expanding the number of items you carry.

For now, you’re ecstatic and are just grateful for finally making your dream a reality. Your store’s grand opening is scheduled for next month, and you have a lot of planning to do. However, you are fresh out of ideas.

You don’t have the slightest clue how to throw a grand opening, one that attracts the locals to tour your personalized mugs business. Let’s help you out!

1. Create a Small Gift Basket to Pass Out for Free

The gift basket doesn’t have to be huge or contain several costly things. Instead, you can create a small gift basket containing a custom photo mug or a coupon to create a mug, a journal with pens and pencils, a coffee bag, and anything representing your business.

You can also add things not available in your store by collaborating with other businesses. You can ask them if they would like to put a product in your gift basket for the grand opening. Since you are giving a free giveaway, you want to spread the word to attract more people to your grand opening. Spread the word through your social media platforms and try to reach out to a local influencer. If you can, advertise it on the radio.

2. Pass Out Branded Goodies to Announce Your Grand Opening

You can order branded goodies and ask a few local stores if they would be interested in passing them out to their customers for free. We don’t think any store will turn down an opportunity to stock and give out a free product to their customers, as it would increase their sales as well.

They should only give it out when someone checks out. That’s why you must choose a local store with a lot of foot traffic. You can also hand them out yourself. You can stand outside your store, passing the branded goodies with your store’s name, launch date, and location to people who pass by.

3. Set Up a Pop-Up Store

Since you sell personalized photo mugs and other types of coffee mugs at your store, your audience is people of all ages. You need to find a vendor hosting an event that caters to the same demographic as you. You can rent a space at the event to set up your booth and display your heat-changing mugs and coffee mugs.

Decorate your booth using a custom tablecloth with your name and logo on it. This will set your booth apart from others. You can select a coffee-colored theme for your booth. You can even pass out free coffee to people.

Buy promotional bags or labels to give to people when they buy something from you. The bags and labels should have your brand’s name, logo, social media handles, website, business address, and anything else you deem important.

4. Get Customized Bags

You need to get customized bags for your store. Instead of using a generic bag to put your products in when you make a sale, put them in a custom bag with your business’s name. When your customer walks out and holds your bag in hand, other people who see it will also see your name on it. This will increase people’s ability to recall your business’s name while you might make some new customers.

5. Flag Down People to Come to Your Store

On the day of your grand opening, you can hire an employee to flag people down and convince them to visit your store. They can tell them about the free stuff they will get if they go to the store today, as it’s exclusively for people attending the grand opening. You also need to place a huge banner with the words “Grand Opening” on it, which can be seen from a distance.

If you are looking for a way to cut costs, we suggest you order our custom coffee mugs to pass out to your customers on your store’s grand opening. We offer a dropship mugs service to our customers. We will deliver the mugs with your given details on time.

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