Want to sell more print-on-demand coasters? Try these 7 creative tips

print on demand coasters

Coasters are a practical and often overlooked item that can add personality and style to any home. Whether they're used to protect surfaces or simply add a decorative touch, coasters are a great product for print-on-demand sellers to offer. If you're looking to boost your coaster sales, here are seven creative tips to help you stand out and attract more customers. 

Create Seasonal Designs

Offer coasters with designs that cater to specific seasons or holidays. Think festive patterns for Christmas, spooky designs for Halloween, or floral prints for spring. By aligning your designs with seasonal themes, you can appeal to customers looking for unique and timely decor items.

Personalization Options

Give customers the option to personalize their coasters with names, initials, or special dates. Personalized items make great gifts and can attract customers looking for something unique and meaningful.

Coordinate Sets

Offer coaster sets that coordinate with each other or with other products in your store. For example, you could create a set of coasters that match a particular mug or placemat design. This encourages customers to purchase multiple items, increasing your sales.

Experiment with Shapes and Materials

While traditional square or round coasters are popular, consider offering coasters in unique shapes or materials. Hexagonal, octagonal, or even custom-shaped coasters can add a fun and quirky element to your product lineup.

Incorporate Trendy Designs

Stay updated with the latest design trends. Then, incorporate them into your coaster designs. Whether it's minimalist patterns, vintage-inspired illustrations, or bold and colorful graphics, trendy designs can attract customers looking for modern and stylish decor items.

Offer Customization Services

Provide customers with the option to request custom designs for their coasters. This could involve creating a design based on a customer's specific theme or idea, allowing for a truly personalized product.

Bundle Deals

Encourage customers to buy more coasters by offering bundle deals or discounts for buying multiple sets. This increases your average order value. Plus, it incentivizes customers to stock up on coasters for different rooms or occasions.

In conclusion, selling more print-on-demand coasters requires creativity, attention to design trends, and a focus on customer preferences. By offering unique designs, personalization options, and attractive deals, you can increase your coaster sales and attract more customers to your store.

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