The Pros & Cons Of A Custom Face T-Shirt

Everyone wants their clothes to look nice and help them stand out in a crowd. One way of doing so is by having custom clothes. Where to begin with these, however? Well, having a face on your t-shirt is a way of standing out. This is especially true if you’re celebrating a certain event, such as a...

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Bachelor or bachelorette party
  • Wedding engagement

A custom face t-shirt can be a great way to make these events more fun. Aside from that, you might be wondering why else you should get some of these? There are a few reasons why you should consider it.

Benefits Of A Custom Face T-Shirt

The main reason that people get custom t-shirts with a face on them is to show off their style. That’s also the case of celebrity photos, as it lets you show the world what entertainment you like. If you’re using a photo of a friend, then it enables you to celebrate them, especially for bachelorette or bachelor parties.

That doesn’t mean that custom t-shirts are designed for one night only, however. Instead, they’ll last you quite a while, so you can get a decent amount of use out of them. How high-quality they are also makes them great for business, as they can be used as merchandise or promotional materials.

While it might seem as though custom face t-shirts can’t be sold in such a way, that’s not the case. Adding a nice design around the face could make it much more stylish while also making it attractive enough to sell.

They’re also much more affordable than you might think, especially if you’re getting a decent number of them made. Combined with how high-quality they are, there should be no reason why you can’t pick them up.

The entire process of getting them made is also easy, and you shouldn’t have to spend too much time on it. Get in touch with us today and we’ll happily help you make and print your face on a t-shirt.


You might be wondering whether there are any negatives associated with a custom t-shirt, especially one with a face on it. One of the biggest cons is that it’s not going to last forever. While all products are designed to be as long-lasting as possible, no print will last for eternity.

That’ll be especially true if you’re getting it designed for a particular event. If that’s the case, however, longevity might not be an issue, as you’ll want it simply for that event only. You’ll still be able to make quite a few memories with them, though, and those memories will last a lifetime.

Wrapping Up

A custom face t-shirt is a great way to make any event fun while also helping you to create memories. What’s not to like about that? If you’re looking for an affordable custom t-shirt, then Custom Happy is the place to be.

With our range of customization options and high-quality t-shirts, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help you with your needs.

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