The Perfect Gift:  Ways to Surprise Your Custom Photo Mug Lover

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Your partner and their custom photo mug have vowed never to be apart.  Where your loved one is, is where their coffee mug is. It’s that time of year. Their birthday is here, and you want to arrange the perfect gift for them.

You want to get them a gift that describes their love of drinking coffee in their various custom coffee mugs. You can surprise them with several coffee-inspired adventures. Your gift will be so unique that they’ll remember it forever and appreciate the effort you put into getting it for them. We came up with a few surprises for your custom coffee mug lover.

1. Bring Them Coffee in Bed

Other people like getting their breakfast in bed, but your partner only wants a hot cup of coffee in their favorite coffee mug. Your partner will wake up to the smell of coffee filling up the room, and they’ll take a long whiff to show you that they approve of your sweet gesture.

Do make them breakfast, but coffee needs to be first. We probably don’t have to tell you, as you may already know, but we all know not to talk to a coffee lover until they have that first sip. If you’re not a morning person, this one time you need to be if you want to make them smile with glee when they see you walking in the bedroom with their most favorite thing in the world (after you, of course). 

2. Have a Heart-to-Heart Conversation

When we say coffee date, we don’t mean to take them to your local coffee shop. It’s their birthday, and don’t you think they deserve more than a date at a local coffee shop? If you agree with us, hear us out. Instead of dragging your loved one to their most frequently visited coffee shop, surprise them with a visit to a specialty coffee shop.

Find them a coffee shop famous for converting normal people into coffee fanatics. You can ask around or do a quick search online. Even if you have to drive an hour to get there, you drive! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it’ll make your adorable coffee lover over the moon with joy. As a souvenir to remember your trip to the specialty coffee shop, pick up one of their personalized mugs.

3. Take a Coffee Class Together

Even though you may not like coffee as much as your partner does, it’s a different feeling when you take a class together with the love of your life. Your local coffee shops may offer short courses on how to brew coffee, create latte art, home roasting, and more.

You can ask a barista to come to your place to give you and your partner a class. If you’re just as big of a coffee lover as your partner, you become the teacher, and your partner becomes the student. You can then give your student special treatment. It’s okay to show favoritism this one time.

4. Prepare a Coffee and Chocolate Flavored Dinner

A coffee-and-chocolate-themed dinner is not like your everyday dinner. It’s more special than that. Every food you create will have a hint of either coffee or chocolate. It’ll be hard work, which is why it’ll be worth it when you see them come to the table, surprised and smiling.

You can look up some recipes online, or if you know a passionate chef in your inner circle, ask them to help you out. Get the candles out, dim the lights, and play soft music, and bring them out. This is one birthday your partner will never forget.

5. Create a Coffee Mug

What can be more romantic than creating personalized photo mugs together? Whether you’re a coffee lover or not, creating personalized ceramic coffee mugs with your loved one is extremely romantic. You both can create a coffee mug for each other.

Whenever you drink coffee, you’ll be reminded of the day you designed a customized mug together. You can pick a color, design, and message to be on it. You can come with a meaningful message, one that you come up to put on the coffee mug. You can also draw a design or select a design online to place on it. You can even put a favorite picture of the two of you on the mug.

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