The Benefits of Having Your Own Print on Demand Mugs

print on demand mugs

What are Print-On-Demand Mugs?

Print on demand mugs are also known as custom printed coffee mugs. They are the latest advancement in the field of ceramic printing. A print on demand mug is a mug that’s made to order and printed with your unique design on it.

It’s been centuries since the first coffee mug was invented, and now that technology has advanced not only can you get a mug with your name written on it but you can also get one made with any design you want. Now you don't have to worry about running out of gift ideas because everyone could use a new custom coffee mug!

The next time someone says, "I don't know what to get so and so," just send them over to CustomHappy and they'll be able to find that perfect gift for their loved one.

Advantages of Custom Mug Printing for Businesses

Custom coffee cups are the perfect way to make your logo stand out. These personalized mugs help you promote your company, express your company values, or spread awareness about a cause.

Customized mugs are not only for coffee. You can use these cool promotional products for any type of drink, including tea, juice, or even soup.

When choosing a mug to promote, there are many factors that you need to consider - durability of material is important as well as its design and size.

3 Effective Ways to Use Your Custom Printed Mugs

1. Give a one-time promotional offer: Choose a day or two and give customers a 10-20% discount on their order if they buy from your website.

2. Offer a subscription: It’s up to you how often you want to send out mugs, but the most common frequency is once per month.

3. Offer a loyalty program: You can use CustomHappy printing to create custom mugs for frequent customers and you can offer discounts and other benefits through the loyalty program

How You Can Get Print on Demand Mugs Today is a leading online provider of custom printed mugs. You can order yours today. With CustomHappy, you can get personalized print on demand mugs and enjoy the convenience and affordability that comes with your purchase.


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