5 Reasons Why You’re Emotionally Attached to Your Custom Photo Mug

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We all have that one custom photo mug that we hold dear. We don’t let anyone get close to our custom coffee mug. If someone dares to drink from our personalized coffee mug, it doesn’t take us long to snatch it from their hands and give them an earful.

Why are we so emotionally attached to our personalized mugs? That’s what we’re here to answer. We’ll solve the mystery, and then you make others understand why you and your coffee mug are best friends.

1. Don’t Touch! My Coffee Mug!

Of course, this made the number one spot. We talked about it a little, but let’s go into more detail. When you buy a coffee mug for yourself, especially a customized mug, you experience the endowment effect. The endowment effect involves people overvaluing their things.

If you’ve made the mistake of drinking from another person’s custom photo mug, we can safely assume that you will never be going near their mug again. Most probably, you feel the same way about all of your custom coffee cups. We bet you’ve also gone berserk at a friend or family member who dared pour hot coffee in your own mug.

2. Memories Flooding Back

Did you get your favorite coffee mug from someone close to you? They got you a custom photo mug with a picture of both of you and a memorable message. Coffee mugs have a way of flooding your brain with sweet and beautiful memories, and that's why most people choose to give monogram coffee mugs. If looking at your coffee mug brings a smile on your lips, the mug has achieved its purpose – to make you happy.

3. That Coffee Mug is So Me

Perhaps, no one in this world gets you as well as your coffee mug does. You made that coffee mug completely yours. You chose the color, slogans, logos or quotes, and pictures. Some people go for personalized mugs with an inspirational message to inspire and motivate them to be more productive or remind them of a goal they need to accomplish.

4. Warm Coffee Mugs Equals Warm Feelings

This is purely psychological and may or may not be true for you. When you hold your warm coffee mug, wrapping your hands around it, your heart fills with warm and fuzzy feelings. You can drink your favorite beverage and take small sips to relax and reduce mental fatigue. Do you know when the perfect time is to wrap your hands around the warm custom photo mug? Winter! When it’s cold outside, drinking warm coffee warms you from within.

5. My Morning Coffee Mug

The first thing you put into your body is warm coffee in your favorite coffee mug with your name on it. Your morning cup of Joe will soothe you and energize you to seize the day. You may drink coffee several times during the day and always in your coffee mug.

Your coffee mug will never leave your side; it's like your own personal sidekick, giving you the boost you need to get through the day. You may just wake up earlier in the day before anyone else to drink your coffee alone in peace, even on the weekends. When you are drinking coffee in your custom photo mug, you need some “you and coffee mug” time.

How Many Favorite Coffee Mugs Can You Have?

You can have more than one favorite personalized mugs: one at home, one in the car, and one at work. If someone doesn’t understand why you’re so emotionally attached to your coffee mug, you should gift them a custom photo mug.

Let them discover for themselves how it feels like to be the owner of their very own custom coffee mug. Let them discover the difference between drinking from a generic, everyday coffee mug and drinking from a customized coffee mug that fits their personality and means something to them.

Let them make their own personal and emotional connection with the coffee mug and just for fun, after a few months, pick their coffee mug and pretend you’re making coffee to see their reaction.

When they react to you drinking from their custom photo mug, you can smirk and let them know that they’ve crossed over to the side of coffee mug lovers.

Yeah, it’ll be a little mean but totally worth it! Get yourself and your friend a new custom coffee mug.

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