4 Tips for Using Personalized Photo Mugs to Promote Your Brand on Social Media

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You want to create a buzz about your brand on social media. You want everyone talking about your brand by sharing pictures of them holding your personalized coffee mug and tagging your company in the posts.

How do you get the conversation started on social media using custom coffee mugs? There are several different ways that you can shine a spotlight on your brand using personalized photo mugs on various social media platforms.

We recommend you target several social media platforms instead of just one. Popularize your custom coffee mug brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. All four social media platforms have become all the rage for showing off your first cup of coffee of the day.

1. Give Personalized Mugs a Famous Personality

When you see a well-known personality endorsing a brand by using their coffee mug for drinking coffee, it compels you to visit the brand’s page and get a coffee mug of your own. Since you’re just starting out, getting a famous celebrity to endorse your coffee mug may not be possible, but you can get a local celebrity or an influencer to endorse your coffee mug to their followers.

Most people buy things only because their favorite personalities endorsed it. You can send a gift basket to them containing a custom coffee mug, journal, coaster, and bakery items. You can even ask them to customize the coffee mug before you pack it with the rest of the items and send the gift basket to them.

2. Create a Video to Talk About Custom Coffee Mugs

To get people talking about your custom photo mug, you need to talk about it first. You need to lead the discussion and then let others follow. You can either pre-record a video or do a live video. In the video, you can tell them about the various products and services your brand provides, with one of them being the custom coffee mug.

If you have customized your coffee mug, you can tell your viewers about the inspiration behind it. If you sell a coffee mug or give it away for free with the purchase of something else, you can tell them more about why you chose the particular design and how it’s significant to your brand. Encourage your viewers to buy personalized ceramic coffee mugs and then post a picture with a hashtag, such as #MyMeaning, to explain why they chose a coffee mug with a certain image or quote.

3. Feature Personalized Photo Mugs in Promotional Material

Another wonderful and effective way to spread awareness about your brand is through product placement. If you’re hosting or sponsoring an event, place your coffee mug brandishing your company’s name, logo, and contact details on it.

You can even give your out the custom coffee mugs for free to everyone in attendance at the event. If you tend to talk to your followers live a lot, always have your coffee mug in plain view. It just needs to be visible in the background. The same goes for when you post pictures. And you can direct anyone who works for you to do the same.

4. Hold Special Contests with Custom Travel Mugs or Coffee Mugs as the Prize

Most brands, including influencers, do special contests for their followers to partake in and get a chance to win a prize. You can give your followers a chance to win a custom travel mug or a coffee mug or both.

You can even create a gift basket containing samples of all the products you sell as well as a coffee mug. If they win, you can ask them to customize the travel or coffee mug. Don’t forget to put your logo and information on it. Online contests help you gain exposure by asking people to tag a friend on the original post, like the post, and share the photo with your selected hashtag.

Make Your Brand Popular on Social Media

You don’t have to open up a custom photo mug factory either, as you can save time and money by opting for our dropship mugs service. Whether you want to create custom coffee mugs for the purpose to just promote your company or you want to add personalized mugs to your product selection, we can help you.

We can create personalized photo mugs for brands that want to use them as a promotional tool and brands that want to launch their own product line of custom mugs. Call us today!

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