Addendum to our TERMS OF SERVICE

Regarding Packages Lost in Transit or Non-Traceable

While we want every order to be perfect and arrive on time, mistakes can happen from time to time. We can offer reprints and refunds on orders if there are order mistakes.

We are no longer going to be able to offer refunds for orders that have been shipped but were lost/delayed/missing by third-party couriers. Moving forward if you want to get reimbursed for lost/delayed/missing packages you can opt for upgraded priority shipping. Refunds are only given through the USPS if you purchase priority shipping. Please understand that the insurance coverage for package delivery is an included amenity of the priority shipping costs though the USPS, not Customhappy.   

We will now offer you the option to purchase upgraded priority shipping with included insurance or you can choose to continue using standard first-class shipping at your own risk.

The USPS has additional information regarding missing mail that can be viewed here.

If you are submitting a reprint or refund request, please be sure to include photo evidence of the damaged product in your request. If an order is reprinted and you have requested for upgraded shipping, we do not cover the cost of upgraded shipping. 

1. A missing item request can be made after 15 calendar days if USPS Priority is used.