Case Of Mugs (Qty 36)
Case Of Mugs (Qty 36)

Case Of Mugs (Qty 36)

Sale price $ 142.20 Regular price $ 394.20

This listing is for cases where you DO NOT have a pre-paid shipping label. If you DO have one, click here.

Each case contains 36 mugs. They come in a box of 3 trays of rows with 12 mugs apiece, separated by dividers.

You can opt to have each mug individually wrapped with our sturdy clam-shell mailers. We're very proud of these practically indestructible mailers as they have an unheard of .07% break rate. They're very sturdy and can be safely used to mail your mugs around the world. Each mailer is $1/mug and fit both 11oz or 15oz mugs.

You can either provide a shipping label or we'll charge exact shipping to your destination.

Here's how we safely double-box each case of mugs to ensure their safe arrival: 


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