Sawgrass Virtuoso Take Up Reel
Sawgrass Virtuoso Take Up Reel

Sawgrass VJ628 Take Up Reel

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Sawgrass VJ 628 Take Up Reel

Sawgrass® Virtuoso® Printer Take-Up Reel for the VJ 628 Printer, sold separately. Automatic media take-up reel designed by Sawgrass®. A Take-up reel will save you money; keep you from having from damaged prints while improving efficiency when printing longer jobs like banners, signs, etc. Easy to use, easy to install. Rolls back onto itself so that the paper doesn’t fold up as it prints, allows unattended printing. Helps keep dust and dirt off the printed images. Stop kinking and scratching prints as they are moved from the printer to your work tables or as they hit the floor. Note, the take up reel attaches to and requires the Printer Stand, sold separately.

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