Priority Mail Upgrade
Priority Mail Upgrade

Priority Mail Upgrade

Regular price $ 6.00
Do NOT use this box to give a revised/updated mailing address (different from the product order) or to ask that 2+ orders be combined - that info should be emailed to the usual support email address to ensure it's processed correctly.
If you have received a VAT Tax or an IOSS# from your marketplace (Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, etc) please write that here.


You can offer Priority Mail shipping for the items that ship from the CustomHappy warehouse - mugs, travel mugs, pillowcases, shot glasses, posters, beer steins, water bottles, coasters, etc.. Occasionally products that normally are produced by CustomHappy may also be outsourced to other vendors and thus Priority Mail wouldn't be available.

VERY IMPORTANT: We can't guarantee this over Christmas and may also temporarily not allow it during other busy times of year.

Priority mail shipping for everything except pillow cases, shot glasses and coasters is per item - $6 for Domestic U.S. and $20.50 for International; choose the Large option in the drop down.

Priority mail shipping for pillow cases, shot glasses and coasters is up to 4 items - $6 for Domestic U.S. and $20.50 for International; choose the Small option in the drop down. (For example, if you have an order for 6 shot glasses, choose the Small option and then quantity 2.)

Here's how it works:

If including with a product order on CustomHappy -

1. Choose the correct option in the drop down for domestic U.S. or international shipping, small or large as noted above, and add quantity for number of items.
2. Put "n/a" in the order number box.
3. Add to cart with the product intended to be shipped Priority Mail.

If needed for a product order on Gearbubble or after-the-fact for a recent CustomHappy order -

1. Pay for the normal order through Gearbubble, including the normal shipping charge.
2. Choose the correct option in the drop down for domestic U.S. or international shipping, small or large as noted above, and add quantity for number of items.
3. Add the GB order ID number (looks like this: gb_e296a24860d28b19) or the previously-ordered CustomHappy order number in the order number box.
4. Add to cart and checkout.
5. The address you include for shipping when ordering Priority Mail on its own doesn't really matter, we won't use this address for shipping the product itself; the address you used on the GB dashboard or prior CH order will be what's used. If you're needing to ship to a different address than what was on that product order, or to combine product orders, please email us as instructions to that effect in the Priority Mail order will not be honored.
6. To avoid confusion and potential mistakes, please place a separate order for each GB order that you need Priority Mail on.

If you have more than one item to be shipped via Priority Mail, please note that the charge is per item (or up to 4 for small items, as noted above), even if they are in the same CustomHappy or Gearbubble order. For example, if you order 2 mugs as a set in one order, you would choose a quantity of 2 items ($12 for domestic U.S. or $41 for international). Failure to pay the correct amount may result in the order not being shipped Priority Mail without further contact.

Priority Mail is in addition to the regular shipping charge, not a replacement for it.

Once your order is completed, we'll get it shipped out Priority Mail and the tracking number will be emailed to you (for CustomHappy orders) or updated to your GB dashboard (for Gearbubble orders).

Please note that choosing to ship via Priority Mail doesn't mean the products will be made faster; production/handling time remains the same. It means that after they're made and shipped, they'll generally be delivered to the USA within 3 days, and internationally within 7-21 days. Keep in mind we have no control over the shipping once it's out of our hands, and we do not guarantee these timeframes.

Note that international packages are sent via First Class International and not Priority International; if you want Priority International, which costs $40 or more, please email us for details.

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