Mixed Case of Mugs (Qty 36, 9x4) - FBA and other pre-paid shipping labels
Mixed Case of Mugs (Qty 36, 9x4) - FBA and other pre-paid shipping labels

Mixed Case of Mugs (Qty 36, 9x4) - FBA and other pre-paid shipping labels

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Please only send the artwork file. You can use PNG. We cannot print your mock-up. Uploading a mock-up will cause severe delays in your order being processed.
Upload Amazon barcodes if you have them

This listing is for a mixed case of 4 designs, 9 mugs of each design. The same design will be printed on both front and back (unless you indicate "front only" in the instructions, as noted below), it's not possible to do a different design on each side for the mixed cases.

Each case contains 36 mugs. They come in a box of 3 trays of rows with 12 mugs apiece, separated by dividers.

This listing is for cases where you DO have a pre-paid shipping label, such as with Amazon's FBA program. If you DO NOT have a shipping label, click here to choose the appropriate listing.

You can opt to have each mug individually wrapped with our sturdy clam-shell mailers. We're very proud of these practically indestructible mailers as they have an unheard of .07% break rate. They're very sturdy and can be safely used to mail your mugs around the world. Each mailer is $1/mug and fit both 11oz or 15oz mugs.

Here's how it works:

    1. Select the quantity of mug cases you'd like
    2. Upload your design files for Designs 1 through 4 (if you have questions on how to do that, contact us) - each design file will be printed on both sides by default; if you want the back side to be blank, put that in the instructions box
    3. Upload your shipping label(s)
    4. Upload your Amazon barcodes, if shipping to Amazon via FBA
    5. When placing your order, enter in your billing address and the shipping address of the Amazon warehouse or other location on your pre-paid label you'd like your design shipped to
    6. We'll take your designs, put them on your mugs and ship the box to your destination 
    7. Note that on FBA orders, you will not receive a shipping confirmation when the box is sent to Amazon; you can check the tracking number from your shipping label or monitor your FBA status in your Amazon Seller Account, and Amazon will also notify you upon receipt/processing

If you have any special instructions along the way, just put them in the "Have other instructions?" section on this page.

Here's how we safely double-box each case of mugs to ensure their safe arrival: 


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