Brand Registry Photos

Brand Registry Photos

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If you're enrolling in Amazon's Brand Registry program, you have to include an image of your product packaging with branding (your trademarked logo) visible on the package as well as an image of your product with branding visible on the product itself.

This product listing is to get our help with those images. Send us your logo, brand name, and sample design listing, and we'll take the necessary photos you need to include with your application.

VERY IMPORTANT: We can't guarantee this over Christmas and may also temporarily not allow it, or at least take longer to get the photos back to you, during other busy times of year.

Here's how it works:

1. Add the brand name which you're using to apply for Brand Registry, exactly as you're applying for, in the Brand Name box.
2. Upload your logo image file in the Logo File box.
3. Upload your sample design file in the Design File box. (This will be printed on a mug and a logo sticker applied; the mug itself will be mailed to you after the photos are taken so that it's not wasted, so pick a design you like!)
4. Add to cart and checkout.
5. Put your address for shipping at checkout; we will email you the photos when they are ready, but the mug itself will be mailed to you after the photos are taken.
6. To avoid confusion and potential mistakes, please place a separate order if you have more than one brand name you need photos for.

Once we receive your logo, design, and brand name information, we'll make stickers with your logo, print a mug with your design, put a sticker on the bottom of the mug, put a sticker on the packing slip, and put your brand name as the shipper/return name on the packing slip. Then we'll take photos of all of that.

Photos will be emailed to you generally within about two weeks after your order.

This service is only for photos needed for your Brand Registry application. We are not doing the actual application for you. You also must get the trademark for your logo/name prior to applying for Brand Registry. See this post for more information.


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