4-set Bundled Case of Coasters (Qty 100, 25x4)
4-set Bundled Case of Coasters (Qty 100, 25x4)
4-set Bundled Case of Coasters (Qty 100, 25x4)
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4-set Bundled Case of Coasters (Qty 100, 25x4)

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This listing is for a case of 25 4-set bundled coasters.  Great for four designs you want to sell as sets such as different birds, a set for weddings, or even just to sell four of the same design together for a discount. 

This listing is for cases where you DO NOT have a pre-paid shipping label. If you DO have oneclick here to choose the appropriate listing.

Each case contains 100 total coasters, with each set of 4 packaged in a plastic sealed bag.

Each coaster weighs .08 ounces. It's made of neoprene (the same material as laptop sleeves or orthopedic braces) and is water resistant. Each coaster can tolerate up to 200° Fahrenheit (93.33° Celsius).

They are white on the front (pre-design) and the back is black. 

Here's how it works:

    1. Select the quantity of coaster cases you'd like
    2. Upload your design files for Designs 1 through 4 (if you have questions on how to do that, contact us) - coasters are only printed on one side
    3. When placing your order, enter in your billing address and the shipping address of the location you'd like your designs shipped to
    4. We'll take your designs, put them on your coasters, and ship them to your destination 

If you have any special instructions along the way, just put them in the "Have other instructions?" section on this page.

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