How to start selling print on demand mugs online

How do I start a mug business

If you're looking to get into the print on demand mug business with little to no investment, this guide is for you. We'll cover how to set up your shop and products, choose a print on demand company, and market your mugs. With a bit of effort and elbow grease, you can start making profits in no time.

Setting up your shop

The first step to selling print on demand mugs is to set up a shop. You can create an online store using platforms like Shopify, Etsy, or Amazon.

Once you've created your account, you'll need to add products to your store. For each product, you'll need to upload product photos, write a description, and set a price.

Pricing your print on demand mugs

When it comes to pricing your mugs, you'll need to factor in the cost of production as well as shipping. You should also consider how much you want to mark up the price to make a profit.

A good rule of thumb is to double the cost of production. For example, if it costs $4 to produce a mug, you should sell it for $8.

Choosing a print on demand company to work with

There are a few things you'll need to consider when choosing a print on demand company. First, you'll need to decide what type of mugs you want to sell. Then, you'll need to find a company that offers the products you want to sell.

You should also consider the quality of the products offered by the print on demand company. Make sure to read reviews and compare prices to find the best quality products at the best prices.

Finally, you'll need to decide what type of printing method you want to use. There are two main types of printing methods: sublimation and heat transfer.

Sublimation is a printing method that uses inkjet technology to print images onto mugs. This method produces high-quality prints that won't fade or peel over time.

Heat transfer is a printing method that uses heat to transfer images onto mugs. This method is less expensive than sublimation but the quality of the prints may not be as good.

To learn more about your options with print on demand companies, reach out to CustomHappy. They'll be happy to talk you through the process so you can see if they're a good fit for your mug business' needs.

Promoting your mugs

Once your shop is set up and you've added products, it's time to start promoting your mugs. You can use social media, promotional codes, and targeted ads to sell more mugs and increase your profits.

One of the best ways to promote your mugs is through social media. You can create social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then, you can share photos of your mugs, write posts about your products, and run ads.

You can also use promotional codes to drive sales. You can offer a discount code to customers who purchase mugs from your store. This will help you boost sales and get more customers.

Running targeted ads is another great way to promote your mugs. You can target potential customers based on their interests, demographics, and location. This will help you reach people who are more likely to buy your products.

Making sales and increasing profits

Once you start promoting your mugs, you'll start making sales. To increase your profits, you can reinvest some of your earnings into marketing and advertising. You can also offer discounts and run sales to boost sales.

By following these tips, you can start selling print on demand mugs with little to no investment. With a bit of effort, you can start making profits and grow your business.

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