Create Your Own Mug: Tips to Making It Stand Out

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A coffee mug is one of those personal objects that reflects your unique personality. The coffee mug you pick for your daily use has a design and/or quote that resonates with you. Once you start using your distinct-looking coffee mug, everyone at home or in the office will know that it’s off-limits.

It’s often said that sharing is caring; however, it’s a whole different story with coffee mugs.

So, are you possessive about your coffee mug?

Do you own more than one coffee mug and continue to add to your collection?

If your attitude toward coffee mugs is similar to what we just described, then have you ever considered creating your own mug? If not, are you considering it now? If yes, we can give you tips on how to make your custom photo mug stand out from the other coffee mugs, including those used by your colleagues and family members.

Our tips will not only help you create a mug that reflects your tastes but a coffee mug that makes others say, “Wow! Cool coffee mug.” When they ask where you got it, you can proudly say, “I made it!” Put your thinking cap on because it’s time to get creative with personalized photo mugs.

1. Plan Out All the Details

Planning is the boring part, but it’s worth it. It makes creating custom coffee cups and mugs ten times easier. We’ve come up with a few questions for you to answer. Your answers will get the wheels in motion.

  • Does the photo fit the given space on the coffee mug?
  • Will the photo cover the whole coffee mug or just one side of the coffee mug?
  • How many colors will the photo have if you’re creating your own?

2. Choose the Color of the Color Mug Wisely

Coffee mugs are available in a wide range of colors. You can select a color you like, but if the design clashes with the color, your coffee mug will be silently talked about behind its back. We advise you to select a color that complements the design. If you ask us, go with either a black or white coffee mug. You can never go wrong with these two colors.

3. Bigger Custom Coffee Mugs Means More Coffee

You are never seen without a coffee mug in your hand. You’re always drinking coffee or tea from it. Seeing you without your coffee mug is like a bad omen for some people. Get a bigger coffee mug to drink coffee or tea from so it takes longer for you to finish and you remain people’s good luck charm for longer.

Get a big coffee mug if you drink coffee or tea more than others, also because it fits comfortably into your hands. The latter is especially useful during the wintersbecause holding a warm cup of coffee when it's cold has a different kind of job attached to it.

4. Inspire Yourself and Others

On personalized mugs, you can put motivational quotes on them. If your coffee mug is constantly by your side, add an inspirational quote to it. For instance, if you aren’t a productive person, you might need a motivational quote reminding you to get moving.

Your coffee mug may just do a better job at pumping you up and killing your procrastinating ways than a person. Don’t select a quote out of the blue, but put some thought into it. Don’t want to go down the inspirational route? Let’s get funny! A funny message on a coffee mug also works as a great icebreaker.

5. Select a Memorable Design

You don’t want to just pick any picture or design you come across on the web, as that’s generic, boring, and not innovative. Think outside of the box. Instead of browsing through the various designs on the web, select a picture to place on the custom photo mug. If not a picture, you can create a design or a pattern to put on the personalized coffee mug.

6. Coffee Mugs on the Go

If most of your work takes place in the car, a ceramic coffee mug will just not do. You need a customized travel mug. Travel coffee mugs are made from stainless steel, and since there’s a lot of room on them, you can put an image on both the front and back of the mug. In the travel mug, hot drinks will remain hot and cold drinks will remain cold.

You’re ready to create your own mug!

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